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The Force has been with David Eger, a photography and visual arts teacher in Canada’s Milton, Ontario, since the beginning.

“I have been an avid Star Wars fan and collector ever since I can remember.  Watching the original trilogy in the back room of my aunt’s house is something I will not soon forget,” he told HLN.

Fans of the epic space opera won’t soon forget Eger’s “52 Weeks of Star Wars” project. The photography and visual arts teacher set out to recreate a different historical image or iconic pop culture moment using “Star Wars” figures.

52 Weeks of Star Wars is a continuation of sorts from 365 Days of Clones. The basic idea or premise behind both projects was to create, photograph, edit and post a new photograph online on a daily or weekly basis,” he said. “The ones that interested me the most, however, were the ones that related to historical events and photos.”

“52 Weeks of Star Wars,” which began on January 1, debuts a new photo every Sunday. The project will run until the end of the year. 

The Force is strong with this one, folks.

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